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31 May 2016, WHO World No Tobacco Day - Get Ready for Plain Packaging
ENSP / ERS Joint statement on Plain Packaging

On the occasion of the WHO World No Tobacco Day 31 May 2016, ENSP and ERS is publishing a joint position paper on the advantages and the scientific evidence behind plain packaging. The statement addresses:

  • The clear scientific evidence that plain packaging has a positive impact on public health.
  • The FCTC and the EU Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) provision of a legal framework for plain packaging
  • Encouragement to all Member States to introduce plain packaging
  • Encouragement to Member States to evaluate the results of the implementation of plain packaging in their population.
Read the full statement.
Conference on Plain Packaging to celebrate World No Tobacco Day

ENSP and ERS celebrate World No Tobacco Day 2016 through the conference Plain Packaging to protect our youth: Progress made, Challenges ahead held at the European Parliament on 31 May. The event highlights the benefits of plain packaging through research and scientific evidence while congratulating the countries, which already have implemented the measure and encouraging the remaining countries to follow suit.

Read the Conference leaflet on Plain Packaging.

Read more about the WHO World No Tobacco Day focus on Plain Packaging and watch the video WHO: World No Tobacco Day 2016.

WHO recognises world-wide efforts in tobacco control

On World No Tobacco Day 2016, WHO recognises efforts and accomplishments in tobacco control realised by individuals and organisations in each of the six WHO Regions.

WHO Director-General Special awards

  • Her Excellency Ms Marisol Touraine, Minister of Social Affairs and Health, France
  • Her Excellency Ms Jane Ellison MP, Member of Parliament for Battersea, and Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Public Health, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

The 2016 European Region winners

  • Ms Emmanuelle Béguinot, Director, Comité National Contre le Tabagisme (CNCT), France
  • Ms Oxana Domenti, Head of Committee for Social Protection, Health and Family, Parliament, Republic of Moldova
  • Mrs Aurelia Cristea, Member of Parliament, Romania
  • Coalition Romania Breathes, Romania

See all the winners of the World No Tobacco Day 2016 awards.

A global overview of plain packaging

On 19 May 2016, the Canadian Cancer Society has published an overview of global developments in plain packaging. The overview describes the adoption of plain packaging measures in Australia, France, the United Kingdom and Ireland and the formal considerations of adopting the measure in Norway, Hungary, Slovenia, Canada, Sweden, Finland, New Zealand, Singapore, Belgium and South Africa.
Australian experience demonstrates the benefits of plain packaging

The Framework Convention Alliance highlights the benefits of plain packaging demonstrated through an analysis of research carried out on the efficiency of plain packaging since the early 1990s. Three main benefits include:
  • Lower appeal of cigarettes to adolescents, diminishing the incentive to start smoking,
  • Higher motivation for smokers to quit and
  • Reduced visibility of tobacco products and contribution to the denormalisation of smoking.

Read the full article.

Slovenia introduces new tobacco products draft law

The Slovenian draft act on tobacco products lays down the appearance and content of cigarette packs, individual cigarettes and the appearance and content of rolling tobacco pouches. The shape, material, colour and characteristics of text that may appear on the outside or inside of the tobacco product packaging are defined. For individual cigarettes, the colour and characteristics of text that may be printed on a cigarette are also defined.
Read more..

Secret contract between Philip Morris and the University of Zurich revealed

Philip Morris International and the University of Zurich have been revealed engaging in a contract, in which PMI sponsors the University of Zurich to publish two studies, which are critical of the efficiency of plain packaging. Pascal Diethelm, president of the Swiss anti-tobacco organisation Oxyromandie, has pointed out that both papers are seriously flawed and should be taken back by the University. Authors of the two non-peer reviewed papers, Ashok Kaul and Michael Wolf, however defend their work and refuse to withdraw it.

Read more and see the Services Agreement between PMI and University of Zurich here.
Norway to discuss the introduction of plain packaging

On Thursday 2 June, the Norwegian health minister presents new research and provides an update on legislation to require the sale of cigarettes in packages without logos. This makes Norway one of the latest countries to take up discussions on plain packaging in tobacco control. Read the health ministry's statement and watch the meeting on 2 June in live streaming.
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